Is Your Child Struggling With A Recent Loss? Activities That Can Help Them To Cope

Posted on: 25 March 2016

If your child has recently dealt with a great loss and is having a difficult time coping, there are some things that you can do besides sending them to mental health therapist to help them cope with the pain.  It can be difficult for a child to express themselves, and to tell you that they need help, so it's important for you to find them an outlet. You don't want to sit back and watch them pull away from activities and thing that are going on in their life.
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3 Tips To Get Your Teen Excited About Bible Study

Posted on: 9 September 2015

Religion plays an important role in helping to keep teens on the right path, but many teens don't have the desire to engage in Bible study on a regular basis. If you are hoping that your teen will become better educated when it comes to religious matters, you need to take the time to get your child excited about Bible study. Here are three tips you can use to engage your teen in Bible study in the future.
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Why Are There So Many Different Versions of the Bible?

Posted on: 22 April 2015

If you walk into any bookstore and wander to the Religion section, you'll likely find a dozen different translations of the world's best-selling book--the Bible. Each version is focused on the same topic and includes the same stories and verses, so why the need for so many different translations? There are many reasons, some of which are quite important. There Are Different Religions and Denominations While the Bible is traditionally associated with Christians only, there is actually a Hebrew version specifically meant for Jews, as well.
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Instilling The Right Values At An Early Age

Posted on: 9 January 2015

Deciding to send your child to a private religious preschool has many perks, and knowing that your viewpoints on God will be openly taught in the classroom is important to many parents (thus adding to the appeal). In addition to all these things, however, one thing may stand high above the rest--a fact that is found within the Biblical book of Proverbs, to be exact: Starting your child off right and instilling them with the right values at an early age will help to set them up both spiritually and morally for the remainder of their life.
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